“Son Del Mambo” Dance Company, the name says it all: The sound of mambo!

Son Del Mambo is a salsa dance school where only Salsa On2 (Mambo) is taught, also known as salsa NY-style. There are different salsa styles, such as cuban salsa, LA salsa (on1). Salsa on2 is characterized in particular the rest in the basic step so you can dance with a wonderful flow. There is more emotional dancing to the rhythm of a particular song.

Urban kizomba and Tarraxo are also given recently. These dancestyles have recently been added to the lessons at Son Del Mambo.

Son Del Mambo Dance Company is headed by Edson Ludowika. As a dance teacher, with years of experience in different styles, Edson finds it important that there is sufficient personal attention for every student.